Specialised Electrical Services

Panel design & build

We know that the key to excellent control panel design is the quality of the electrical system design and schematics.

Yes, it starts the basics of the appropriate cabinet and back panel, but the creation of the design to control the machine or process is what determines the long-term success of your control panel. By taking care of both the design and build of your panel, along with your electrical system, we can give our own quality assurance and guarantee of performance following installation.

Also, through a proper understanding of both your present and potential future needs we can deliberately produce a larger panel allowing ample spare capacity, insuring against the need for a full panel rebuild. Once built, our control panels are clearly labelled prior to installation to ensure maximum ease of use and maintenance.

We also provide a comprehensive Production of Documentation including Statement of Manufacture and CE Incorporation.

One Solution

Because we control every element of the new electrical system process, Specialised Electrical Services guaranteeing quality at every stage, eliminating lost time through delays in multiple companies liaising with each other and money by consolidating the whole process.


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