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Electrical Design

Electrical design is arguably the most important part of the installation of a new electrical system. In the context of the office, industrial, warehouse, commercial and manufacturing electrical systems that Specialised Electrical Services typically install, Electrical Design is the production of detailed technical drawings of your site and the new electrical system to be installed. The electrical design will include control panels, wiring, breakers, sub-panels, outputs, components, and equipment or machinery and becomes the blueprint for the installation on site.

Our design drawings include a functional diagram, power distribution, I/O diagrams, control cabinet layout, back panel layout, bill of materials and single line drawings to aid site installation. Unlike some electrical service companies, Specialised Electrical Services produce your electrical design in-house and so when we  each site, we are not simply interpreting drawings, rather we have an intimate knowledge of everything that has gone into your design, including any necessary revisions, improving our ability to execute your requirements brilliantly on-site.

One Solution

Because we control every element of the new electrical system process, Specialised Electrical Services guaranteeing quality at every stage, eliminating lost time through delays in multiple companies liaising with each other and money by consolidating the whole process.


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