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We are Specialised Electrical Services

Established in 2017, Specialised Electrical Services Limited utilises combined experience of over 50 years to provide an exceptional level of service at every stage of the design, build, installation and commissioning of your new electrical system.

Independently owned, we answer exclusively to our customers
and their needs.
We directly provide all of your design, build, installation and commissioning requirements; from system design, electrical
project management, schematic drawings, control panel manufacturing, PLC (programmable logic controller) software, commissioning, training and full handover documentation, including basic operating and full maintenance guidance.
We understand that different clients have different control system priorities and there is no such thing as a ‘one design fits all’.
To this end, all our systems are designed by us, from the smallest component to the largest, to match your individual site and control needs. 

All our systems are designed, from the smallest component to the largest, to match your individual situation and control needs 

Every Area Covered

Specialised Electrical Services are able to take care of every aspect of your electrical system

Electrical Schematic Design


Control panel design and build


PLC software and operator interfaces


Project management


On-site installation


Commissioning, training and support


One solution

Why Choose Us

Because we control every element of the new electrical system process, Specialised Electrical Services guaranteeing quality at every stage, eliminating lost time through delays in multiple companies liaising with each other and money by consolidating the whole process.

Our aim is always to provide the customer with a cost-effective, reliable and aesthetically pleasing installation. Whether this is an office, warehouse or materials handling system our installations are completed with the end-user in mind. Including the most up-to-date technology and installation methods to keep us at the forefront of our industry.

We pride ourselves on the excellence of our execution and seek to create client relationships that last through multiple installations and upgrades over many years.

Let us take care of the whole process for you

1. Tender document submission

Potential client submits tender document

2. Tender

SES tenders for the job

3. Mechanical drawings

Mechanical drawings sent by client

4. Electrical Design

SES produces electrical design in-house

5. Panel Design

SES designs and builds panels to your specifications

6. Site Installation

SES trusted, experienced and skilled electricians install your new electrical system

7. Commissioning

SES are qualified to commission your new system

8. Handover, training and user manuals

Because SES has completed every stage of the installation process, your handover, training and in-house produced user and maintenance manuals are comprehensive and detailed thanks to our intimate knowledge of your new system

One Solution

The Process


Our Services

Electrical Design

Electrical design is arguably the most important part of the installation of a new electrical system.

Panel design & build

We know that the key to excellent control panel design is the quality of the electrical system design and schematics.

Site Installation

With experience across retail units, office, warehouse, manufacture, telecoms, multi-use, R&D, showrooms and distribution, our trusted, skilled and qualified teams are ready to complete your electrical installation to the highest standards no matter how big or small your requirements are.

Testing and commissioning

Once your installation is complete, the most important thing is that everything works to the standard of the FDS (functional design specification) to ensure all your needs are included from the outset and incorporated throughout the project.
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