Specialised Electrical Services

About the Project

Our latest project with Orion MIS for Amazon, the electrical installation of a new inbound receive conveyor line.

The first line is used to bring in multi-pack product which is broken down at operator stations and sent off to stow within the warehouse with a take-away conveyor at ground level, along with a high level conveyor to take packaging waste to a compactor for recycling.

Specialised Electrical Services completed

Specialised Electrical Services took care of the electrical design, control panel building, installation and commissioning of these new lines.


Electrical Design

control panel building



Date Started: September 2020

Date Completed: December 2020

Our team consisted of up to 12 experienced electricians to complete the installation in Dunstable.

The project commenced at the end of September 2020 and was fully commissioned at the start of December 2020 in preparation for the customers peak.